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One of our sons was home for Christmas, and of course the holiday meal was ham and cranberries. But the day after tradition has always been just as important and that is a trip to Taco Town.  You can imagine the slug we felt when we pulled up on December 26th to find it closed-forever maybe. The holiday was just not the same.

When we moved to town over 30 years ago, Taco Town was a growing thing. Of course Mexican food was a little more unique then. When the kids started coming along, it became a favorite for them for supper, high school lunch, snacks, coming home from college, and even introducing to new wives. Sometimes they drove though for Nacho Deluxes on their way into town before coming to the house. We even hauled frozen burritos to Jefferson City and to Wichita, Kansas! There just was no other.

My friends, four of us that call ourselves the Fearsome Four, know that a taco salad just meant Taco Town. How often we have picked up those salads for a trip to the park or family-free lunches of just us gals. We have shared new babies, first day of kindergarten, cancer, kids with drivers licenses, deaths, divorces, you name it over “taco salad on flour with extra sauce” for many years.

Good luck with your venture,

Claudia Mundell


I love Taco Town.  I can remember as a little girl going to eat there and still ate their as I am older.  I was so sad to hear that it closed.  I hope to see it reopen.  It was good food, I loved the taco salad.


Thanks for bringing Taco Town back!  And you acquired all the old recipes too?  I can’t wait to dig in to an enchilada platter (all cheese) and load it up with the classic Taco Town sauce.  I once ate an entire Taco Pac in one setting.  When is the scheduled opening date?

Thanks again,

Josh Thompson


I’m so glad you all are trying to purchase and re-open Taco Town. I loved the food and miss it terribly! I will admit, I didn’t go there as often as I would have liked to; however, that was only because I never had cash on hand. I always carry my debit card as a means for payment, so the only time I would get Taco Town’s food was when I was carrying extra cash.  It would be truly helpful if you accepted debit cards when you re-open so that I can conveniently eat there often!

P.S. My favorite was the bean burrito with the sauce. It was simple, but nothing else can match it!

Thanks again guys!

Magen Balmas


Taco Town was my first job back in 1980.  I am the same age and went to school with Mike Ness.  Good memories mostly of working there.  My entire family today as well as my parents back then always liked the good food that didn’t taste like everyone else’s version of Mexican food.  I am sad that time takes its toll on people and business.  We all long for the flavor of our favorite dishes.  I wish you well on your adventure and hope that it is a success.  Thanks Tony Ness and family for the memories and good food!

Scott Southard and family


I just wanted to say that we love Taco Town; I have had many wonderful taco salads and burritos there. My children also fell in love with Taco Town and we were all heartbroken to see it close.  Thank you for re-opening!! You can be assured of many happy customers in the future!! We can hardly wait!!

Rita & The Girlees

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