Team Snack Pacs

Taco Town is happy to once again offer our Team Snack Pac’s for our sports teams.
We have made a few changes for this year. We offer a Regular and Large Snack Pac. The Regular Snack Pac’s will be $3.50 each and the Large Snack Pac’s will be $4.50 each.
All Snack Pac’s will include a 2 oz cheese dip w/chips, and your choice 2 (regular) or 3 (large) of the following items:

Chili Burrito
Bean Burrito
Cheese Burrito
Soft Taco
Vegetarian Taco
Taco Burger
Hot Dog
Bowl of Chili w/Crackers
12 oz Fountain Drink

The Snack Pac’s will be individually sacked and will consist of the same selected items in each pac (no unique pac’s).
For orders of 8 or more it is possible to put together different types of Snack Pac’s so long as there are at least 4 of each type.
Drinks can be ordered by different types and will be marked.

While we prefer to have 24 hours notice, we need at least 6 hours notice to have the Snack Pac’s prepared, hot and ready to go.

We thank you for allowing us to participate in helping our local kids and teams. These Snack Pac’s are a great way to feed the team before the game at a great price (about $1 off menu pricing) and we will do everything possible to keep it simple and convenient.

Thank You Again,
Melissa and Richard McCune